KUSHAL has deployed technical manpower for large-scale turnarounds and shutdown projects in Indian and abroad. Our staff has a track record of supporting the client to complete the Shutdown projects on-time with high quality standards. We are a preferred vendor by Refineries, and petrochemical plants to support them during their Shutdown.

Turnarounds/ Shutdowns are major projects that require sound planning, execution and control. It directly affects the bottom line of the company and is thus a very critical operation.We have been successfully carrying out shutdown projects for last 10 years especially for refineries and petrochemical plants. The experience we have gained means we have the knowledge to successfully support clients throughout all stages of a Turnaround.

Having the largest pool of quality resources we can take on a sizeable amount of additional work within your shutdown schedule.
KUSHAL can support clients with the following manpower during shutdown / Turnaround:

Inspection Engineers

Maintenance Engineers & Technicians

Safety Engineers / Supervisors

Planning Engineers

Plant Inspectors (API 650)



We have worked with companies like L&T, Reliance, Triune, IOTEP among others on various shutdown projects for refineries & Petrochemical plants in India.